Episode 92

We are so excited to have our guest on the podcast today to discuss a topic that is dear to our heart and that is the topic of raising emotionally intelligent children when it comes to conscious parenting. Lael Stone is a parenting educator and consultant all the way from Melbourne, Australia and is the host of the Aware Parenting Project, as well as a speaker for the resilience project. We were so thrilled to have Lael on to discuss the topic of dealing with our own stuff to foster emotional intelligence in children.

  • Lael’s Definition of Conscious Parenting;
  • How Conscious Parenting differs from Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting;
  • How parents dealing with their generational trauma can help with Conscious Parenting;
  • Children living life as an independent soul;
  • Importance of kids feeling their feelings and being able to express their emotions;
  • How you can help build a strong emotional foundation for your children;
  • The importance of instilling love in your child every single day;
  • What the Aware Parenting Project and the Connection Program/Reslience Project;
  • What the Woodline Primary School is; and
  • So much more…

Lael’s Website: http://www.laelstone.com.au

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