Episode 93

Today I have a fantastic guest that I am excited to bring to you, whom I connected with instantly. Her name is Marika Nayan, and she is 5th generational shamanic healer as well as a results and performance coach. After suffering from anxiety and depression 13 years ago she began her own journey of self discovery and this led her to what she is doing now.

  • What a results and performance coach is and who may benefit from these services;
  • The 3 categories of transformation;
  • The importance of values, habits, beliefs and self esteem when it comes to truly succeeding in life;
  • What Shamanic Healing is;
  • What spirit guides are and which spirit guides are called upon during Shamanic Healing sessions;
  • Can you go into spirit guides and power animals, which are two categories of spirits that are used in shamanic healing;
  • The 3 main causes of mental, emotional and physical healing, according to the shamans;
  • What soul retrieval is and how it can help with transformation; 
  • What you can expect during and after a shamanic healing session; and
  • So much moreā€¦

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