Episode 57

I am so excited today to be talking to Prema Lee Gurreri about a topic that I know many of us struggle with on a day to day basis and I just know that this interview is going to bring so much value to you today. Prema is the founder of soulutionary, she is a vedic astrologer and she is the author of the incredible book “The Sacred Wealth Code”.

Her story is incredible. She went from owning a successful yoga studio and bringing in six figures of income to not being able to pay her bills and going further and further into debt. After losing her business and her marriage she began to awaken and discover her sacred wealth code and hasn’t looked back. But let’s let Prema tell us her story.

In this interview we discuss:

1. What is meant by the term wealth and why wealth is actually what we are uniquely designed for.

2. What her definition of alignment is and why is it so important when it comes to manifestation of wealth.

3. What the 4 pillars of her sacred wealth code and why they are so important.

4. What the sacred wealth archetypes are and how we can utilise these archetypes to discover our true purpose (believe me they are super accurate); and

5. So much more…

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