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Congratulations!!! Welcome to your Inner Circle Membership. Within this area you will find meditations, books, documents, courses, coupons, monthly copies of the gazette, all absolutely FREE​. You will find content on spirituality, manifestation, wealth creation, health and wellness, parenting, emotions and so much more. We believe it is all connected and therefore no stone goes unturned here and we intend on adding new content every week for you to look at and learn from. Don’t forget to check out the academy, the UCW site, and if you are looking for one on one coaching my Spiritual Coaching site. Remember, ​as this inner circle grows and we reach 2000 members and the content has increased considerably, this membership will become premium. But as you have already gotten in and registered you will remain free always…


Alter Your Money Mindset Book – This book is the first one I wrote within my Superconscious Success framework and I am very proud of it. As an inner circle member, I am gifting you the PDF version of it absolutely FREE. A new updated one will be coming out in 2023. You will be notified once it has.

​​5 STEP CORD CUTTING RITUAL FOR TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS – This ​document is super powerful if you are an empath and/or you are surrounded by energy vampires and you are in a toxic relationship you are trying to move away from. It is a great little ritual that I use myself to cut the cords that have been binding me to these people.

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