Once you start activating your own manifestation potential you will begin to have so much fun in life. You will start recognising little signs that show you how the universe is hearing you and bringing all your dreams into reality.


One of the first signs that I get when I know everything is falling into place is the synchronicities that appear. Some may term these synchronicities coincidences but in fact they are events that happen due to us being in alignment with the universal laws.

Let’s look at some of the common synchronicities that you may experience:

People, Resources and Opportunities start to appear in your life. 

Suddenly, you will start to run into people that will help you on your path to abundance or come across resources and events that will help you move forward. You will notice that new opportunities and possibilities show up that weren’t there before.

It is important that when this happens that you say ‘yes’ because it is your higher-self directing you down the path of least resistance to your ultimate desire.

You will notice that the more you just go with the flow and accept these opportunities the more amazing miracles will show up and give you proof that manifestation really works.

Incredible people, resources and opportunities have shown up for me when I am within my vortex and moving in the direction of my goals. I have an incredible mastermind group that I compiled after interviewing them for my podcast and through my podcast I have also met 3 other amazing people who are interviewing me on theirs.

I have met incredible people who have introduced me to other people I admire and then others who are willing to help me any way they can. I am so blessed, and these are all examples of synchronicities that can happen when you remain in the vortex.

You may find that you are able to find parking spaces in car parks that are always crammed full.

As you pull into the car park a car is pulling out.

That is exactly what happened to me the other day. I had dropped my daughter and 2 of her friends off at one of the largest shopping centres in Perth. I always disliked this shopping centre because parking was so difficult to find.

Anyway, I left them there and went to do a few other things, to come back a couple of hours later in the pouring rain. As I was entering the car park, I noticed it was full but I kept telling myself that I would find a parking spot right near the front door (it was raining and I didn’t have umbrellas). As I turned the corner a car just pulled out and I grabbed the spot right next to the entrance.

People call when you think about them.

I will give you a quick example of a synchronicity that happened to me today as I am writing this book. I went up to visit my parents in the country for a couple of days while my husband and the kids stayed home so I could get some writing of my book done in quiet.

As I was driving home listening to one of my incredible audiobooks, I was thinking about how I had to call the roller shutter company when I got home. I had organised to have some screens put on my children’s bedroom windows so that they could leave them open and get some fresh air in. I had ordered them, but I hadn’t heard from the company for weeks, so I was determined that I would call them when I got back.

Sure enough, within 5 minutes of me thinking that they happened to call me and tell me they were fitting it in a couple of days. How cool is that. This is an example of how when you are going with the flow things just start to happen for you.


One of my absolute favourite signs that I am evolving as a person and that manifestation is on its way to me is seeing butterflies everywhere.

Butterflies are well known in many cultures to be a symbol of change. It symbolises your evolvement as an individual and it sends the message of letting go of old behaviour and expounding into the next phase of existence.

When you look at beautiful butterflies and its ability to float and dart between nature, it represents our mind and its ability to change when required. They remind us not to take things too seriously and to go out and create as much joy as possible in our lives.

Let’s think about it for a moment. A butterfly starts as a caterpillar and then moves into the most beautiful butterfly imaginable. Butterflies remind us that we need to embrace change in our lives and if we are staying in our current comfort zone then we need to move away from it and evolve as a species.

Now, personally I see butterflies everywhere. My husband and I go on at least 2 walks every day and on our paths, I see multiples of butterflies. My husband doesn’t always see them, so I always wondered whether that meant that I was just a little further along the alignment path than him or whether the universe was just sending us different messages.

It is important to remember that everybody sees different signs as they manifest and so although it is a good idea to use these signs as an indication that you are progressing on your journey in some way, don’t think that just because they are not happening for you that you are not on your own journey.

So, what do all the colours of butterflies mean?

Orange Butterflies – Spotting an orange butterfly is normally a sign that you need to stay active and optimistic because an opportunity or change is coming, and you need to grasp it with both hands.

Yellow Butterflies – These signal a sudden life change. This doesn’t always have to be something bad, but it does mean that you have to wake up and realise that there is a new life waiting for you.

Green Butterflies – These are incredible, and they signal good luck, growth and abundance. If this green butterfly is flying over your head and circling, you then this is an indication that wealth and good health is on its way. It means incredible abundance and so could mean a promotion or pay rise is on the horizon.

Red Butterflies – These signify life changing news and indicate that something huge is on its way and a powerful spirit is watching over you.

Blue Butterflies – These are good luck butterflies and are believed to grant wishes and make dreams come true, as well as to protect you against evil.

Brown Butterflies – These butterflies signal that you are going to receive some important news very shortly.

Purple Butterflies – These butterflies are very rare but if they come into your presence, they indicate that a very enlightened person is going to come your way. This person may even be royalty so watch out. They also indicate divine intervention.

Black Butterflies – These butterflies tell us to turn inwards and usually indicate sudden change.

White Butterflies – These butterflies signify a deceased love one who is here to protect you.

Bird Feathers

Just as with butterflies, another sign you may see is the constant appearance of bird feathers. As I started manifesting more and more and I worked with my angels more I noticed that I would see feathers of all different colours appearing.

You will find that as soon as you start listening to the messages of the universe and you start to believe in all your desires manifesting, then you may begin to see more and more feathers manifest in front of your eyes.

Feathers have been known by many native cultures to represent a strong celestial connection to the heavenly realms and signifies love, truth, protection, new beginnings and even rebirth. It is often said that when a feather lands at your feet then it is a message from the universe that your prayers/requests have been answered.

Feathers are validation to the questions that you have been asking and often offer clues along the way. Spirit is incredible in that it finds a way to synergistically align the feather with wherever you are and then nudge you to take notice. I know that personally when I am out walking with my husband something will often be telling me to look to the left or the right and suddenly, I will see a feather just sitting there.

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Feathers appear when the angels are near”? This saying is true because feathers are gifts from heaven and they fall in your path as a sign from the divine. It is also often a message from a loved one that has crossed over to let you know that they are OK.

As you find a feather ask yourself what you were thinking just before finding it and what is going on in your life lately. What do you think this sign could be telling you? Remember to thank and appreciate the presence of the divine when you find the feather.

A good experiment to do if you are wanting to try to manifest something small is to send out a desire for different coloured feathers. As they are manifested your belief in the process will begin to be cemented even more. Let the universe know what colour feather you are looking for, believe that you will see it and, in a few days, watch it manifest before your eyes.

So, what do each of the different colour bird feathers signify?

White – These signify purity, peace, love, hope, heaven and protection and they are a sign from a deceased loved one that they are OK.

Red – Money, Career, Good Fortune.

Blue – Acceptance of Self, Speaking Your Truth. It signifies a strong connection with the spirit realm, particularly Archangel Michael.

Yellow – Intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness and mental alertness.

Green – Related to Archangel Raphael. Indication of nature, healing, plants and everything to do with abundance.

Orange – Sexual relations, romance, feelings and attraction. Signifies desire to create and increase in positivity.

Pink – Related to Archangel Chamuel and signifies friendship, caring, courage and kindness.

Grey – Signifies strong protection and always tells you to have faith.

Purple – Universal consciousness. Signifies heightened spiritual growth and experiences. When you see a purple feather, it is a sign that you should listen to your gut instinct and be aligned with your truth.

Brown – Signifies grounding and going strong. It signifies home, friendship and respect.

Black – Strong protection and signifies mystical wisdom. When you see a black feather, it indicates that you are going through a spiritual initiation.

Number Sequences

Along with butterflies, birds, dragonflies and feathers, your angels may communicate with you in numerous ways to let you know that you are in alignment and to help you on your path to ultimate fulfilment. Another way they communicate is by using a variety of number sequences.

When you see these number sequences everywhere you look then it is a sign that things are moving in the right direction with your manifestations. You may start to see the numbers on your alarm clock, on the TV, in the newspaper, within a phone number and basically everywhere you look. These are all messages from your angels to take notice and listen to what they are trying to tell you.

When we talk about numbers there are so many combinations that the angels may use to communicate so for the purpose of this book, I am going to just give you the main triple sequences.

111 – There is a gate of opportunity opening up and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. When you see this sequence, it is an indication that the universe has taken your thought and is currently manifesting it. Because of this, it is critical that you make sure your thoughts are of things you do want and not things you don’t want.

222 – Your newly planted thoughts are beginning to grow into reality. Don’t give up too soon. Your manifestation is soon going to be revealed to you.

333 – Ascended masters are near you and offering their help, love and companionship. Call upon them often when you see the number 3.

444 – The angels are surrounding you right now.

555 – A major life change is upon you.

666 – Balance your thoughts between heaven and earth because at present they are too focused on the material world. A great time to start meditating.

777 – An extremely positive sign which indicates you should expect more miracles to occur. You are on a roll.

888 – A phase of your life is about to end so don’t procrastinate on making your move or enjoying fruits of your labor.

999 – This is the end of a major phase in your personal or global life.

000 – You are one with god, so feel the creators love with you.

Mini Miracles start happening

When you are starting to manifest you may notice mini miracles start to happen. You may notice that you find money everywhere you go. You may find a 5c piece on the sidewalk or as happened to me, $40 just showing up in your purse/wallet.

Although the manifestations may not seem significant, it is important to understand that although it starts off small and miniscule, eventually it will turn into a wealth avalanche.

Just make sure that every bit of money you find that you say thank you to the universe for it and you pick it up. Remember that leaving money on the ground when you find it, no matter how small it is, signifies to the universe that you don’t want money and therefore stops it from bringing it to you.