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In this inspiring episode of the Superconscious Success Podcast, host Jen welcomes Jean Slatter. Jean, an accomplished author and speaker, shares her journey of helping thousands find clarity and purpose through higher guidance. Her book, “Hiring the Heavens,” offers a unique way to connect with the heavens for daily goals. Jean shares insights on integrating the divine, amplifying the law of attraction, and manifesting success.

Jean recounts her transformation from a skeptic to a believer. Her story shows the power of grace and universal laws that complement the law of attraction. Jean emphasizes the importance of using divine guidance, highlighting that miracles can happen when we open to the spiritual realm.

Listeners will be captivated by Jean’s anecdotes of miraculous moments that affirm a higher power. She explains how anyone can hire spiritual assistance for any task by simply asking. Jean’s practical approach to spirituality makes it easy to incorporate into daily life, offering a fresh perspective on achieving goals with celestial support.

Tune in to learn how to create a team of light beings, angels, and spirit guides. Jean’s wisdom reminds us of the limitless support available, encouraging listeners to embrace the divine and witness extraordinary changes.

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