If you are struggling with your health at the moment and you are wondering why, despite all the treatments things don’t seem to be improving, then I think you will find this interview very enlightening. In this interview we will be discussing emotions and how our emotional state can actually trigger disease and illness and how getting a hold of your emotions can actually invite healing. Sound good? Well I think so and I am very excited to be talking today to Kornelia Stephanie.

Kornelia is a Co-Creator of Heaven on Earth and the founder of empower network. As a Business Success Coach, she helps people reclaim their personal power so that they can become the authority in all areas of their lives. She created the Kornelia Stephanie Media Group and helps business consultants grow their brand with podcasting and video marketing. Kornelia’s Book “Peace the Flip Side to Anger, How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO”. Get it on Amazon. Kornelia teaches us to embrace our humanity, offering simple, practical tools on how to live, how to heal our lives using the power of our emotions, loving the self whole. With her passionate and fun nature, Kornelia teaches people in her retreats or her private sessions and her online membership how to integrate practical spirituality into their daily lives. She helps people become emotionally healthy with great results. She mentors people into their empowerment which makes a huge difference in their lives and, in turn, uplifts others in their families and communities and is changing the world. People experience huge, profound shifts leaving the past behind, moving forward, navigating the new energies with passion purpose, and confidence. Inspiring self -healing, self-love, self -leadership, self-empowerment, and returning to the basics of co-creating the New Earth in harmony with Nature. You can listen to Kornelia and her co-hosts every week on Transformation Talk Radio on all your favorite podcast outlets and youtube.

In this episode we will be covering:

  1. What effect emotions have on our overall health and wellbeing;
  2. What the importance is of feeling and clearing out our core wounds;
  3. How we can begin to heal from this past trauma;
  4. How important our beliefs and emotions are when it comes to manifestation;
  5. Techniques we can use so that we don’t react when somebody says something that we don’t like so we don’t end up going down a neverending trap of negativity;
  6. Techniques and tools are that we can use to start processing our emotions?