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In this inspiring episode of the Superconscious Success Podcast, Jen speaks with Lois Favacho about self-love in relationships. They emphasize self-love is not narcissism but accepting oneself fully and making changes from love and growth. Lois shares insights on how past wounds, especially from childhood, impact our ability to love ourselves and form healthy relationships. They explore the importance of healing these wounds to foster self-acceptance and worthiness.

The conversation covers the dynamics of romantic and business relationships. They discuss how expectations, attachment, and resentment shape our interactions and the importance of managing these emotions. Lois explains the law of attraction’s role in relationships, emphasizing focusing on what we desire and trusting the universe. They highlight the importance of setting boundaries in business relationships and respecting oneself and others.

Listeners will find valuable advice on overcoming fear and reclaiming power in relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional. Lois and Jen underscore recognizing one’s worth and making decisions that align with self-love and personal growth. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their relationships and understand deeper emotional patterns.

Tune in to gain practical tips on cultivating self-love, managing expectations, and using the law of attraction to create fulfilling relationships.

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