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In this episode of the Superconscious Success Podcast, Jen and Carl introduce Fiona Williams. Fiona is a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach deeply influenced by “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM). She shares her journey with ACIM, starting from childhood curiosity to dedicated adult practice. Her insights into right-minded thinking and using the Holy Spirit for healing are both inspiring and practical.

Fiona’s story of overcoming anxiety and Meniere’s disease through true forgiveness and right-minded thinking highlights the power of ACIM principles. Her vivid dream of releasing ego-based fears and achieving healing underscores the depth of her experience. Fiona’s message is clear: miracles are natural, and everyone can access them through consistent practice and right-minded thinking.

Listeners are invited to explore Fiona’s children’s books, which instill positive mental habits, and her upcoming adult book, “Your Mind Is Your Life,” which applies ACIM teachings. Fiona’s approach is compassionate and empowering, offering tools for navigating life’s challenges with love and forgiveness.

Don’t miss this insightful episode that combines spiritual wisdom with practical advice. Fiona’s journey offers hope and a roadmap for anyone seeking to transcend fear and embrace their true spiritual inheritance.

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