Jennifer Matthews 4th August 2022


Interview with Davey Williams

Welcome to another incredible Peace N Prosperity interview. In today’s interview we speak to Davey Williams, also known as the Lifestyle Lifeguard. He is a well-respected Motivational Speaker & Coach and uses his copyrighted platform, The CSure Lifestyle to help businesses and individuals embrace simplicity in their process to attract results.  He is genuine, transparent, authentic – all with a high level of energy and integrity. On top of this, he serves as the Managing Direcor/Partner for the EFA Movement, Empowered Fathers in Action.  The organization takes the principles Davey has used throughout his career, along with those of his mentor and good friend, Chris Salem (yes that’s right – the cohost of this segment).  They use these principles to empower men to be just that, women too.  EFA is dedicated to solution-driven practices to empower young people and adults to resolve their root causes to struggle and embrace the root solutions to living a prosperous lifestyle.

  • The power of simplicity and choice when it comes to success;
  • How to stop chasing success and allow it to come to us;
  • The 2 things that stop us from moving out of the past and living in the present;
  • The power of going with the flow;
  • How avoiding taking responsibility for where you are can block your success;
  • Expectations Versus Anticipations;
  • The importance of altering your perspective and forgiving yourself when things don’t work out for you; and
  • So much more…

To learn more about Davey, check out his website: