Episode 68

I am so blessed to have with me once again an incredible person who is a return guest on my show. Jennifer was originally on my show as part of the Superconscious Success Summit an entire year ago and I have been looking forward to having her back on the show and catching up again. Jennifer is the founder of soullanguage.us which helps people to discover their souls mission and how they relate to the world around them. Jennifer is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker and her purpose is to help people to connect to themselves, to each other and to the divine. I guess this is one of the reasons we resonate so well with each other, and aside from us having the same name, I believe connection is also my purpose in life. So now lets get onto the interview and see what Jennifer has to say.6. 7. So much more…

In this interview we will cover:

1.    Jen’s story;

2.    What the ego is and how the ego can stop us from expanding;

3.     What a soul language is and some examples of some of the soul languages;

4.     How to delve into the personal soul languages and also the business soul languages;

6.     How we can utilise the information given today to help us manifest wealth and abundance.

7.     How we can utilise the information given today to help with our relationships.

8.     So much more…

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