Episode 90

Susan Kennard is our guest on today’s show, and she is known as a Spiritual Scientist who bridges the Science and the Spiritual closing the gap of skepticism with her intuitive skills and scientific knowledge.  As a psychologist, psychotherapist and neuro-psychologist she blends these science skills with her inner work and intuition to help understand the best way people can heal from within.  Over the years, she has used different tools, processes, and activations to help people to access their self-love and let go of the past.  Susan was given the gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, which she combines her knowledge of the spiritual world.  She is a teacher and works with many guides, the ascended masters, angels, and galactic guides.  She also uses light language, sings tones, and sees DNA transform during these sessions. Not only is she the host of her own show, The Spiritual Awakener Podcast, but she is the creator of a new Galactic Healing Technology, which enables people to simply trust and surrender as they are symbolically taken into the Galactic Crystal Chambers. 

In this interview we covered the following:

  • Listening to the messages that source is trying to send to you;
  • The expansion of consciousness that is happening around us right now;
  • Clearing blocks from past lives to help you move forward;
  • Why clearing parents karma is so important;
  • The importance of contrast;
  • Healing our shadow side;
  • Beautiful live “light language” session discussing the message of mission;
  • How we as humans can absorb the light language;
  • The real message of Jeshua;
  • How we may tap into our own mediumship capacities;
  • The power of healing from within; and
  • So much more…

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