Jennifer Matthews 4th October 2022


Interview with Sue Rubin

I am so excited to be bringing an amazing guest to you today to discuss Ernest Holmes “Science of the Mind”. Dr Sue Rubin is a Religious Science Minister and Science of Mind teacher born in New York and raised in Southern California. After looking into the science of the mind I realised that the principles Sue is going to bless us with today are actually principles that I live my life by now. However, the way the science of the mind explains it makes it so much easier to understand.

  • What the science of the mind is?
  • The part the dark night of the soul has on the ascension process;
  • How may we move away from focusing on that which is already manifested to trust that what we desire is manifesting right in front of us.
  • The principles of the science of the mind;
  • What “treatments” are and how we may integrate our own treatments in order to manifest;
  • Why meditation, mindfulness and visualisation are so important for manifestation;
  • What visioning and direct revelation is and how we may begin to impress our visions onto the universe;
  • The importance and power of self awareness when it comes to manifestation;
  • The roles that compassion, gratitude and forgiveness plays when it comes to manifesting our dream life; and
  • So much more…

Sue’s Website: