Jennifer Matthews 29th September 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Doretta Gadsden

Doretta Gadsden is a Registered Nurse and Health and Wellness coach. She has lived for over 26 yrs. with an AIDS diagnosis. In March of 2019 she was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. She is presently in remission. Doretta is a two-time Amazon bestselling author, Living Victoriously: Strategies to Empower women with a Chronic Diagnosis and Co- Author of Soul Source, stories that share about faith in God and perseverance.

Doretta shares her story with others to show, you are bigger than any diagnosis and any life adversity. Doretta also teaches about having Five Pillars that will help guide anyone walking through any health challenge. Mindset, Spirit, Treatment, Support and Faith. Doretta believes with these Five Pillars in place one can handle anything life offers you.

Doretta is also passionate about teaching freedom through Forgiveness. Doretta Gadsden lives in Brooklyn, NY. In March of 2020, Doretta lost her husband to a T-Cell Lymphoma. She still knows that with prayer and her five pillars, she will keep moving forward.

  • Why forgiveness is incredibly important and tools you will be able to use to forgive yourself and others;
  • How you can let go of old hurts and grudges and move forward;
  • How you can begin to experience more love, joy and lightness in your life;
  • How you can release all that does not serve you; and
  • So much more…