Jennifer Matthews 10th November 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Louise Ashby

Louise Ashby is an incredible young woman with a heart of gold and a belief so strong that she could overcome something many would struggle to deal with. In todays introduction Louise is going to go through her story which is absolutely remarkable which just proves that if you don’t give up you can get through anything.

In our summit interview however we are going to be going through the challenges that she has had to overcome, both internally and externally after her particular traumatic event. You will learn how to trust in source and discover your own strength and determination to overcome any adversity sent your way.

Louise was an incredible actress and model who has worked on many independent films and television series and has appeared on tv programs such as 20/20, Ripleys believe it or not, Larry King Live, Discovery Healthy, A Current Affair, Good Morning Australia and so many more.

  • The power of belief when it comes to handling adversity in your life;
  • How the law of attraction can help you to heal from physical disfigurement and illness;
  • Why everything that happens to us happens and how changing our perspectives on it can change our lives;
  • How you can tap into your own personal power and strength to overcome any challenges and adversities put in front of you;
  • How you can begin to recognise that your body is simply a house for your soul and it is your connection with your soul and with source that is most important;
  • How you can align with source and your higher self to become the best version of you.