Jennifer Matthews 1st December 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Clint Adams

Clint Adams is a former police officer and counsellor who helps teams and individuals with resilience and mental health. He is the Director of Blue Flame Projects: Consultancy firm which designs resilience, leadership and mental health programs to implement in the workplace. He believes that you hire the whole person, so improving their mental health and resilience, benefits them at home and at work to increase productivity and wellbeing. He has written a book on suicide prevention and mental health and works to save kids lives one day at a time. His book “lighting the blue flame” is one that you absolutely must read if somebody you love is dealing with suicidal idealation or pain.

In this interview, you will discover the following:

  • The part that fear and anger play when it comes to resilience and how the Blue Brain and Red Brain impact these two emotions;
  • How negative thought patterns arise and how you can stop these patterns in their tracks;
  • How important safety is when it comes to people being comfortable coming and talking to you;
  • What bullying is and how you can use resilience to overpower the bully;
  • What part the story in your mind plays and how you can begin to become the director of your own lives;
  • What structural coupling is;
  • How feelings of shame and guilt can affect your level of resiliency;
  • How you can break the patterns of negative beliefs and regain control of your own life; and
  • So much more…