Jennifer Matthews 15th December 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Kate Fitzsimons

In 2012, Kate Fitzsimons – our speaker this morning – woke up to news that shattered her world…News she’ll be talking about with us soon. Since then, Kate’s become living proof that what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger. Named one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence, Kate is an international speaker who truly understands the overwhelm and anxiety teens struggle with. Because she was one.

Now, Kate is a published author and certified life coach living in New Jersey USA who reaches teens through school talks and her podcast show, “Okay, Now What?”. Over the last 6 years she’s shared her empowering message with over 200,000 students and today she’s here to help you overcome any challenge you face – no matter how unexpected, uncertain or unwanted it may be.

  • What resilience is and why it is an important skill for teens to develop as they progress in their lives;
  • Strategies that Kate has used to help her move through the tragedy of losing her sister to begin living a life of passion, purpose and joy.
  • How to hold space for the pain of grief, while also begin to experience joy again;
  • How to overcome the guilt associated with once again being happy even though you have lost a loved one;
  • Why how we respond to things and how we perceive things is the key to the level of joy and purpose we begin to experience in life again;
  • How you can transform your tragedies into something that enriches your own life and the life of others.