Jennifer Matthews 10th January 2022


Interview with Renee Marcou

Renee is a Master Law of Attraction Life Coach and an entrepreneur, a podcaster with her show called “Namaste With Renee” and she is the director of the online program called the iHeart Academy. Not only does she work individually with clients seeking to expand their awareness and create the life they desire, but her iHeart Academy also has a program that will certify you as a life coach. Renee is also a master yoga teacher and a super talented singer with many professionally produced music videos on YouTube! Not bad for a young woman who is only 30 years old! Originally from the Boston area, now living in southern Florida.

In this episode, you will discover the following:

  • How you can practically integrate true spirituality & the law of attraction into your life to be happier, more loving, and especially more fulfilled as a person?
  • What her iHeart Academy is and how it can help you to learn all about manifestation.
  • What the most misunderstand aspect of the law of attraction is. How she has utilized her core principles as a coach to deal with the chaos and craziness the world now finds itself in?
  • How yoga has impacted the quality & direction of her life?
  • What she believes are the benefits of becoming a life coach and how you can become certified as a life coach with her. and much much more…

To reach out to Renee, make sure you go to and check her out. She is incredible…