Episode 65

I am so blessed to have on my show today, the Queen of Hearts and Queen of Self Love, Caroline Palmy. Caroline is a powerful intuitive energy healer and she specialises in helping women over the age of 40 release their blocks so they are able to live a life full of purpose. She is a single mum of 3 beautiful children who she says are her greatest teachers. Caroline resides in Switzerland, although she has lived in the UK and USA as well. Although Carolines passion is teaching others about self love, I really want to chat to her today about Angel healing, especially as she is qualified in 13 different areas of communicating with the angels.

After reading her story I felt like I was literally reflecting my life. Like her, I am an intuitive empath, earth angel, lightworker and recovering doormat. I also had 2 near death experiences which connected me with the angels on a deeper level. In this episode we are going to go through so much amazing content about angelic healing and how you can connect with your angels and hear the messages that they are sending you. I am excited for Caroline to tell us her story now and to get stuck into this interview.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Her story, including her journey with her children and as an intuitive empath, her near death experiences and how these experiences connected her to the angels;
  • What intuition is and her definition of an intuitive healing. Is intuitive healing the same as angelic healing and if not how do they differ?
  • What angels are and how they can help you to move through difficult times if people are struggling.
  • How the angels can help us to foster self love and start to really love who we are?
  • Meaning of Angel numbers, feathers, coins and butterflies as well as how angels often send us messages.
  • Do they work alongside our higher selves to help you with this?
  • How angels can help cut the cords associated with “energy sucking vampires”.
  • How you can start connecting with the angels and hear their messages.

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