Episode 58

Our special guest today is Author and channeler Caroline Oceana Ryan has channeled information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood. She currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of The Collective, a group of higher beings here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life. Caroline is the author of six books channeled from the Collective, and the cultural memoir Adventures in Belfast. Her book, Lennon Speaks, was channeled from the spirit of John Lennon. Her most recent book, New Earth Journeys, offers the Collective’s input on the very challenging issues presented by the pandemic and related issues. She is facilitator of the Abundance Group, and is a co-host on A Night at the Roundtable, which airs Thursday evenings on BBSRadio.com, Station 2. She holds an MA in education and theological studies from the Union Theological Seminar in New York City, and currently lives in San Luis Obispo County, California.

In this interview we will cover:

  • Her Story;
  • How she came to channel not only “The Collective” but also John Lennon.
  • The Collective answers questions about vaccines, craziness in this world at the moment and how we may stay centred amidst everything else.
  • Much Much More…

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