Episode 66

We are so excited to have our guest today Justin Cunningham AKA The Anti-Overwhelm Guy. Justin has a very interesting story and has moved from a Hip Hop Artist and Skateboarder to being the creator of the Shift Results System and the Creative Supernova. Justin has been training international businesses including Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Freedom Furniture and OsteoStrong to grow their sales and marketing for 19 years. Justin also blends his 30 years of music improvisation in to his work to add FUN. He has worked with hundreds of companies worldwide on how to stand out and achieve greater results quickly. Now Justin travels worldwide teaching and entertaining businesses with his SHIFT coaching programmes and workshops on how to accelerate and increase results, in their sales and marketing – whilst also reducing overwhelm. So let’s now get to know Justin a little and learn about his Shift Method.

This episode includes:

  • Justin’s story and how he moved from a hip hop artist and skateboarder to a business strategist.
  • The power of beliefs and how our belief system can halt our progress when it comes to success and prosperity and how may we go about changing those limited beliefs;
  • The importance of connection in any successful business or relationship in general and how you can use this connection to accelerate sales and success.
  • What his “Shift” program and the “Connection Sales” process is and how the two are intermingled.

Justin’s Details


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