Episode 70

Sharlene Lynch is from the MindShift movement. She is a speaker, thought leader and change maker who travels around inspiring others with her insight as to how she moved from a place of complete disharmony, self harm and obesity to the place of health, wealth and prosperity she is at today. We are going to let her tell us her story because it really demonstrates how she personally used her methods and what we are talking about today to make massive change. If you are wanting to go from where you are now to the incredible life you could only dream of, then this show is for you.

  • Her story and how the tragedy that she experienced in her life made her first implement the mind SHIFT principles.
  • What her 5 Step SHIFT process is and what it means to shift your mindset and how she personally has used this process to transform her own life.
  • The role that forgiveness has played in her life and why she believes that the act of forgiving allowed her to push through and become the resilient successful person she is today.
  • How important she believes a gratitude practice is when it comes to being able to alter those subconscious beliefs and become successful.
  • Much more…

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