Episode 76

Do you have children and you are wondering how you can build a greater connection with them? Have you struggled to ground yourself amidst a temper tantrum or outburst? Do you struggle to set appropriate boundaries for your children, while still respecting theirs? If so, then this interview is for you. Here we talk to an incredible new friend of ours, Anja Simmons. She is the yogic parenting coach and she has written an incredible book called “Parent from this Place: How Yoga Changed The Way I Parent”. This interview was so fantastic because Anja, Ilene and Jen all had a great deal to share in regards to their own personal stories, their own families and their take on conscious parenting.

Anja is a trained British nanny, yoga teacher, yogi parenting coach, and mother of two. After a decade of raising the children of other families, it came as a surprise when Anja’s experience didn’t quite apply when it came time to raise her own children. It wasn’t until she discovered yoga that she realized that while raising her children, she was also raising herself. Anja is a retreat and space holder for women around the world. She hosts the Parenting Differently Podcast and coaches parents.

In this interview we covered:

  • What conscious parenting is and how it differs from the so-called “normal” parenting approaches;
  • The importance of being grounded when it comes to being able to handle temper tantrums and outbursts;
  • How expectations may actually be the downfall of our parenting approaches;
  • What boundaries are and why it is so important for parents to set their boundaries and for them to respect their childrens;
  • How yoga can actually help you stay grounded and be a more focused, intentional parent; and
  • So much more…

If you are wanting to get in touch with Anja, the best way to do so is to follow her on instagram. Her name is yogicparentingcoach on instagram.

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