Episode 83

In this episode of the Superconscious Success podcast, I interview Suzanne Butler, a Feng Shui specialist who is going to be talking about one of my favorite topics and pastimes and that is feng shui. She is the owner of lifestyle design and former communicator in the Australian Defence Force. After 25 years of corporate life spanning over a number of different industries, Suzanne has found her true passion and calling, by immersing herself in Feng Shui after achieving some incredible results personally with the modality.

As a study of Traditional Flying Stars Feng Shui, Suzanne has the ability and knowledge to transform a home and its occupants from potentially dire straits to complete harmony with abundance and prosperity to go along with it.

Suzanne’s experience spans over a number of topics including manifestation, intention & goal setting, creating a vision for the life you want to lead and of course Feng Shui.

In this podcast episode we cover:

  • Dangers of Clutter;
  • How toxic relationship can affect your health and prosperity;
  • Why feng shui alone is not enough;
  • How to set up your office desk to allow more money and prosperity into your life;
  • How your house can play a part in whether you are happy, healthy or wealthy;
  • The different elements of feng shui and how you can utilise these elements in each room for success;
  • How colors can affect your mood and your manifestations;
  • Why you need to be careful of the artwork in your house; and
  • Much more…

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