Episode 87

In today’s show we meet and talk with David Strickel. David came from a poor, dis-functional family, yet at a young age “invented” (or so he thought) the Law of Attraction. Through a years-long spiritual awakening process, David became the verbal channel for a group of Ascended Master Teachers called The Stream. Now he not only brings their Light & Wisdom to the world via his workshops, podcast, and teachings, he is now the author of the book, “The Stream: Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life”.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • David’s fascinating journey as to how as a teenager from a poor family he manifested everything he could ever desire.
  • His experience with a medium that got him started on his spiritual path.
  • The importance of contrast when it comes to evolving spiritually.
  • How to do the TAYA practice to evolve to the higher dimensions.
  • The true meaning of abundance.
  • Live discussion with “The Stream” discussing:
    • How “The Stream” differs from other channels;
    • How we may begin to eliminate fear in the craziness of the world;
    • The deep dive into the “New Earth”;
    • How contrast is a catalyst to creating solutions;
    • The true ego;
    • The value of the imperfect journey;
    • How to alter your perception of experiences;
    • Forgiveness versus Appreciation;
    • How to move through traumatic experiences to heal;
    • The purpose of the people in your lives; and
    • More.

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