Episode 91

In today’s podcast I have an exciting guest that is going to introduce myself and possibly you to a whole new way of discovering your purpose and releasing those shadow sides that you may be struggling with. His name is Brent Bruning and he is a master hand analyst and life transformation coach and he has studied over 20,000 pairs of hands, including those from Tony Robbins, Eminem, Ben Stiller, Richard Branson, Snoop Dog and so many more…  His method is not palmistry and is actually a way for him to see who you really are and the life you are meant for.

In today’s episode we will be discussing:

  • What Hand Analysis is and what it tells us;
  • What the difference is between hand analysis and palmistry;
  • Why hand analysis and fingerprint analysis go hand in hand;
  • How the fingerprints form when the soul enters the body;
  • What the different lines are and what they mean;
  • What the 4 elements are, being earth, fire, air and water and what they have to do with hand analysis;
  • How hand analysis allows us to release our shadow and discover our purpose; and
  • So much more…

To learn more about Brent, visit his website at: http://www.thepowerinyourhands.com

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