As I gleefully stand at my kitchen sink listening to my favorite audio and partaking in a chore that so many of us tend to loathe I feel an incredible sense of peace wash over me. I look at soap suds sifting through my hands as I get close to washing the final dish only to appreciate all that is going on in my life. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis I have managed to focus on that which I am grateful for each and every single day. I have two incredible teenage children who are bright, intelligent and so caring hearted (no matter how much they try to hide it). I have a husband who works so very hard for us so that we may revel in the blessings we have today. After being married to him for 19 years he is my best friend and my greatest supporter. But also I have a beautiful house, 2 incredible dogs and of course an intense connection to my superconscious.

But that is not to say that I don’t get swayed with worry or concern at times because I do. Just prior (about 30 minutes or so) to me being in this highly blissful state I was sitting at my computer and allowing my mind to wander to feelings of lack, which was totally unjustified. I bet you have been there. You sit in front of your computer looking at your bank statement and realising that your utility bills were due today and worrying that you won’t have enough. Well the funny thing is. We have more than enough in our bank account but those thoughts will on the odd occasion still creep in after years of being told that money is scarce, you need to save save save and you have to be careful with your money. I grew up in a household where my parents struggled for a couple of years, so much so that we had our power turned off due to the utility bills not being paid. They worked incredibly hard but my Dad ended up in hospital for months due to contracting hepatitis C after falling into a sewerage tank while working. This of course was just the beginning of my lack thinking. Thankfully these thoughts now are very rare but on the odd occasion do still creep in. Hey I’m only human after all.

But what is different now is that previously I would dwell on these thoughts and the momentum associated with money would be moving completely away from bringing it into my life. I didn’t understand how critical it is to remain in that high vibrational state so that instead of pushing abundance away from you, you could instead bring it towards you. But now, my vibrational state is the first thing I focus on when I wake up all the way until the last thing I focus on when I go to sleep. I recognise now that the universe has my back at all times and that my angels are with me whenever and wherever I need them.

So this brings me to the point of the article, because I know I digressed a little. Anyway, I was standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes (if you hadn’t yet figured out what the chore was that I was talking about), listening to Abraham Hicks and thinking about all of the amazing things that were available to me. I had gotten myself onto that high vibrational plane again after feeling a little stuck and as I turn around to put the dishes away in their corresponding cupboards, I look down at the ground and what do I see, but a “White Feather”. This is in the middle of my house out of nowhere that had appeared on the ground right in front of me. A beautiful white feather that could have only come from my angels. Upon seeing this feather I felt an intense level of peace and joy and after delving deeper, I discovered what it meant to me and I realised that my angels were telling me that everything was going to work out just fine and that after spending months working solely on my spirituality and my connection to source / superconscious that my crown chakra was now open and ready receive all the abundance and guidance I could ever hope for. I was so excited and decided I had to write this blog post straight away to give you some insight into one of the most powerful signs you may receive from your angels. It is just one sign and if you keep an eye out, I will gradually be introducing some of the other signs too. But right now, let’s delve into the many meanings that could be associated with white feathers appearing before your eyes.

Let me start off by saying that what a feather means to one person may mean something completely different to somebody else and so it is important that you connect with your source and discover your meaning behind it.

There are many signs that the angels may give you to let you know that they are near, and feathers are just one of them.

Faith and Protection

When you see a white feather in your path, the angels may be telling you that everything is going to be OK. It is a reminder for you to keep faith and remain strong because they are always with you and will look out for you and your highest good. Because I had previously been concerned about something which I know I have no reason to be concerned about they decided to let me know that all is good and not to worry.

Remember that worry is really a useless emotion because it does not stop something from happening and in fact worrying puts you in that low vibration which can actually contribute to what you are worrying about. Remember that like equals like and so if you worry about not having enough money, then that is exactly what the universe is going to be more inclined to bring to you. Stop the worry and trust that all is OK and as myself and my family say “Everything always works out for us (eventually)”.

A Loved One Is Watching Out For You

Have you recently lost somebody that is very close to you? Maybe you have lost your mum or your dad or another relative that you loved so very much. Maybe you have lost a spouse or a child that you miss so deeply. Maybe you have lost a pet that you were close with. Whatever the situation, a white feather in your path could be a sign from above that this particular loved one is watching over you as we speak.

Let me give you an example. We have had a number of deaths in the last 12 months with people that are incredibly close to us, my husbands mother and our 13 year old puppy to name a couple. Even to this day I know that both of them are looking out for us, as are our other loved ones that have transitioned but seeing a white feather is just an indication that they are still there.

Your Crown Chakra Has Opened Up

A white feather is related to your crown chakra which represents wisdom and connection to the moon and the celestial realm. It represents the connection with heaven, angels and the higher dimension and when you start to see more and more white feathers it may be an indication that you are on the verge of your awakening and you have finally connected with your higher being and you are in the process of co-creating.

When I started to see white feathers on a daily basis I began to understand that my crown chakra was now open and I began to receive messages from the divine consistently. It is an incredible feeling and the feathers are just an indication you are on the right path.

Your Prayers And Wishes Have Been Answered

As feathers come from birds and birds have a connection to heaven, feathers have been known to drop at your feet as a sign that your prayers have been answered and it is time for new beginnings.

You Are On The Right Path

When you see a feather in your path then it is an indication from source and from your angels that you are on the right path and to continue following the direction you have been going in.

When I began to see feathers on my path it brought with it a sense of clarity that the direction I am taking in both my personal and professional life were for my highest good.