Jennifer Matthews 20th October 2021


2021 Superconscious Success Summit : Interview with Arayeh Norouzi

Dr Arayeh has a PHD in psychology with a focus on mindfulness. She is a rapid transformational coach, mindful living conscious parenting speaker and corporate mindfulness trainer. She magically combines science with heart based tools to create a transformational and tangible impact on her clients. So they can live from the place of love, joy, peace, and power instead of lack and fear and build harmonic relationships with themselves and their loved ones at home and work.

  • What self belief is and why it is so critical when it comes to manifesting success;
  • Why it is important to create a vision associated with your passions and purpose in life;
  • What intuition is and why it can be the key to creating success in your business;
  • Why the relationship with our higher self is so important when it comes to utilising intuition and how you can begin to build on this relationship to create successful businesses;
  • How we can begin to utilise faith and trust in the universe so as to work with ease and efficiency;
  • Why your thoughts are so important when it comes to manifesting success and how you can move from negativity and pessimism to one of positive and optimism;
  • Why the subconscious mind is so critical when it comes to turning your visions into reality and
  • Some tips and techniques you can use to reprogram the subconscious mind and begin to create that vision and take inspired action to move towards it.