Jennifer Matthews 14th February 2022


Your Spiritual Shift Segment : Interview with Steve Nobel

Our guest today, Steve Nobel, is all about what Karl & Jen are about, reaching for the stars and finding your enlightened path to 5D. What is the 5D? The 5th Dimension is a place where we leave our egoic world of lack, attack, judgment, and war behind, and join in with the unity of unconditional love, truth, and eternal joy and happiness. Steve Nobel is dedicated his life to energy healers, light workers, starseeds & anyone who is now going through the ascension process. He has developed a healing system called Soul Matrix for Starseeds, and has a website called Soul Matrix. Plus, Steve is the author 6 books, including “The Spiritual Entrepreneur”. From London, England, we welcome Steve Nobel!

In this Episode you will discover:

🌟 How Steve first learnt about star seeds and how he came to be the light that shares this knowledge;

🌟 What the 5th dimension is and how he moved himself from 3D to 4D to 5D;

🌟 How Steve went through a 6 year dark night of the soul period and how it changed him forever;

🌟 Exactly what a started is and the role they play on earth;

🌟 Signs that you may be a starseed and how to recognise it in yourself;

🌟 The difference between light and dark in this world and how the pandemic is an example of the dark in our consciousness;

🌟 What you can do in your daily life to deal with the fear surrounding this pandemic at the moment; and

🌟 SOOOO much more…

This interview was incredible and is definitely one you want to listen to. To learn more about Steve, visit his website at and don’t forget to sign up for his social platform.

Also, don’t forget to visit Tamara’s channel – “Seeking Heaven: The Near-Death Experience and Other Phenomena” at: There is some absolutely incredible content there.