Episode 79

Dorothy Knight is also known as the 5D mum and she is not only an author and an embodiment coach, but she is a certified parent educator. Dorothy is passionate about empowering her clients towards self mastery, illuminating the way to fulfilling their souls mission with passion, purpose and play. She is the mum to 2 adorable children and a supportive husband. So now how about we get onto chatting to Dorothy about what it is truly like being a 5D mum.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What the 5th dimension is all about and the amazing connection you will feel when you begin to reside in the 5D;
  • What her story is and how she came to be the 5D mum;
  • Her definition of Conscious Parenting and why Conscious Parenting may be more effective than other approaches;
  • How important self care may be when it comes to being a successful Conscious Parent;
  • The importance of setting boundaries and taking time for yourself;
  • The pause technique and how to integrate it into the most stressful situation;
  • How to power up and be the best example for your kids;
  • Why it is never too late to start parenting consciously;
  • How we may begin to start moving towards the 5D easily and effortlessly; and
  • So much moreā€¦

To learn more about dorothy, be sure to connect with her on instagram @ 5dmom or visit her website at 5dmom.com.

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