Episode 61

Today we are talking to Oliver Larsen, an entrepreneur and coach all the way from Auckland New Zealand. Olivers passion is helping purpose driven business owners to figure out how they can make a difference in the world, while establishing a sense of freedom. After chatting to Oliver I realised that he certainly is living the life of freedom. He lives in a beautiful cottage overlooking the water and the mountains and his view is just amazing. However, his life was not always like that and like many of us he dealt with his own struggles of fear and self doubt, which he managed to overcome and moved from charging $400 a month for coaching to now providing packages upwards of $25,000. In this interview we aim to pick Oliver’s brains about his definition of freedom and how our mindset and limited beliefs can stop us from achieving our greatest desires.

Topics Covered

  • Olivers Story;
  • What freedom means to him;
  • Factors that he feels are important when it comes to obtaining true freedom;
  • What he means by the term alignment and how you can take aligned action and remain in your truth and your power;
  • What a soul led business is and how may we achieve it.

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