Episode 78

Welcome to another incredible interview for the Superconscious Success Podcast. In today’s episode I interview Dr Lisa Turner who discovered the CET Freedom Technique in an attempt to heal her own emotional trauma after breaking free from the grips of a sexual abuser in order to reclaim her own life. If you are dealing with your own emotional trauma and you are looking for a way to heal from it and be in your power then our guest today will show you exactly how you can do that. Dr Lisa Turner is a trauma expert and the founder of CET Freedom and her aim is to revolutionise the coaching and therapy industry so that they may also have the CET Freedom Technique in their toolbox. She is the author of 5 books and is a speaker. She says that her mission in life is to enable individuals to become self actualised, fully empowered, internally driven and motivated and to create tangible real world results. OK so let’s get onto todays episode and welcome our guest Dr Lisa Turner.

In todays episode you will learn all about:

  • Her experience of being groomed and trafficked to the UK from Australia and how CET allowed her to heal from the experience.
  • The 4 stages of the grooming process.
  • What emotions truly are and why all emotions are beneficial.
  • 5 principles of LOVE.
  • The Power of CET to help you raise consciousness, permanently heal from the past and live the life as though you’ve never had the trauma.
  • The different forms of resistance to love: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Rejection, Guilt, Shame. and
  • So much more…

To learn more about Lisa and her offerings, visit her websites at:



For her extra goodies, check out the following:

Emotional Resilience Scorecard – http://www.emotionalresiliencescore.com/

CET Yourself Free Book – http://cetyourselffreebook.com/

CET Free – https://www.cetfreedom.com/cetfree

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