Episode 86

Thanks for joining us in welcoming another incredible guest to our Peace N Prosperity podcast segment. In todays episode we have brought you an amazing guest that is going to bring some serious insight into your life and your business. Our guest today is an organisational leader, community builder and education innovator and he is absolutely obsessed with trust and intuition (as I am too). His number one goal is to empower everybody that he meets to follow their heart so they can live a more connected, meaningful life. David K Richards founded the Growth Public School which is a K-8 charter school in Sacramento which proves that learner and heart centred schools are the way of the future. He is the father to two children that he absolutely adores and a loving wife. In today’s episode, we are going to talk about your inner guidance system when it comes to leadership.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • What a charter school is and how he came to develop his very own charter school;
  • The power of adaptability and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone;
  • David’s definition of intuition and how we can start to develop our intuition;
  • The fear of the pivot;
  • Working with the inner child to acknowledge fear and move through it;
  • Discover if it is the ego or the higher self talking;
  • The awesomeness of the downloads;
  • How to utilise your intuition to become a powerful leader;
  • The power of meditation when it comes to success; and
  • So much more…

To learn more about David and to check out his Inner GPS course (which you get 50% off if you mention the podcast), just go to: https://www.davidkrichards.c

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